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Beginner Surf Lessons

Lessons cost €35 for adults and €25 for kids (from 8 years old up to and including 16 years old).

Each class is 2 hours long, 90 minutes of which is spent in the water. Wetsuits and Surfboards are provided along with one of our fully qualified Irish Surfing Association Surf Coaches who will patiently take you through the complete surf experience. You will learn about water safety, ocean awareness and wave conditions. On arriving at the beach, a 10 minute land drill takes place. This includes some safety as well as a land tutorial on how to catch waves and stand up on a wave. Once the land drill is done, together with the instructor, everybody enters the water where the fun begins. The water part of each lesson lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, during which your instructor will aim to initially get you standing on your surfboard and then gradually improve all aspects of your surfing.



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