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We are located right on the beach so there is no need for tedious and time-consuming bus transfers. We also offer a fully stocked surf shop and indoor changing facilities. Our surf instructors are all local surfers and offer a fun, safe and relaxing introduction to the sport of Surfing. Can’t wait to see you here…


Lessons cost €39 for adults and €29 for kids (from 8 years old up to and including 15 years old).

Each class is 2 hours long, 90 minutes of which is spent in the water. Wetsuits and Surfboards are provided along with one of our fully qualified Irish Surfing Association Surf Coaches who will patiently take you through the complete surf experience. You will learn about water safety, ocean awareness and wave conditions. On arriving at the beach, a 10 minute land drill takes place. This includes some safety as well as a land tutorial on how to catch waves and stand up on a wave. Once the land drill is done, together with the instructor, everybody enters the water where the fun begins. The water part of each lesson lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, during which your instructor will aim to initially get you standing on your surfboard and then gradually improve all aspects of your surfing.

Surf Rentals

1 Hour 3 Hours 24 Hours
Board & Wetsuit €19 €27 €39
Board €12 €17 €27
Wetsuit €7 €10 €12
Bodyboard €5 €8 €10

Our kids camps have been our greatest success since the inaugural camp in 2006. For those kids who are down in Rossnowalgh, this is the ideal way to become both proficient in surfing and to receive a sensible education in water safety and environmental care of the ocean.

The three hours of the Camp include a daily surf lesson, one hour of general beach activities and refreshments during the day. Once school holidays begin in July, our camp runs Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm. The morning kids camp, with a maximum of 16 places often fills up so we then add another afternoon camp from 2pm to 5pm. If you have a group of more than 6 we can guarantee an afternoon camp if that is preferred.

We provide all equipment. Kids need to bring their swim suits, a towel, a change of clothes suitable for light rain and some sturdy footwear for running about in.



Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

No! Wetsuits provide buoyancy, as do the surfboards that are attached to participants at all times when in the water. Also we will never take any participant into a water depth that they feel uncomfortable in, rarely going beyond chest deep. If you are a weak swimmer please let us know so we can keep a special eye on you.

Is all the necessary equipment included in the cost of the lesson?

Yes! We supply everyone with high quality, warm, flexible surfing wetsuits. We also supply everyone with beginner surf boards. Our beginner surf boards have soft tops and flexible fins, so don’t worry about injuring yourself.

Where do we meet for our surf lesson?

All participants are asked to meet us at the Surf School 5 minutes prior to the lesson time, where you will be fitted with a wetsuit and sized with a board. Take this opportunity to browse our fully fitted surf shop and check out our gallery of local ‘chargers’ surf the many waves of Donegal.

What are the lesson times?

During peak summer months (July/August) we have lessons daily at 11am, 2pm and 5pm but you should book ahead to ensure you get the time you’d like as they can fill up quickly. Outside these months times can be assigned in a more flexible manner. Please phone in any queries.

How long does a lesson take?

Our lessons last for 2 hours. You’ll be in the water for at least 1.5 hours as we’re able to walk straight down on to the beach and into the water.

What age do I need to be?

Lessons are for kids of 8 years upwards. Adults of all ages are welcome.

What is the maximum instructor to student ratio?

The British Surfing Association instructor to student ratio is 1 to 10. In Ireland the Irish Surfing Association is 1 to 8. We use 1 to 8.

Where can you change in and out of the wetsuit?

We have dedicated male & female changing facilities, with a fresh water outdoor shower as well as toilet facilities. These facilities are conveniently located next door to the surf school.

How do we get to the beach?

The Beach is about 50 metres away from the school by a short public pathway.

What do I need to bring?

The only things you need to bring with you is a towel, swim suit, sun protection and sandals. But most importantly bring your smile & enthusiasm.

What Safety Equipment will the instructors have?

Our instructors are qualified beach lifeguards and will have full rescue tube and first aid kit on them at all times.

What Qualification do our instructors have?

All our instructors have both level 1 surf instructors and Beach lifeguard Qualification. The safety of all participants is assured during all sessions.